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Close the stone quarry to protect the environment

Due to the excess & non-plan exploit, the local environment has meet a big problem. Water,  air has been serious polluted. It is not a suitable for living. Quanzhou local government has more than five meeting per month to discuss this problem and try to find a good way to solve this problem.  But most of the idea are not effective. Because many people work on this area, if close all the factory, there will be no source of income.

This June the finial decision of the stone industry is come out. Before 2015, all the quarries in Quanzhou city must be closed. Control at the material try to make the factory turning to other area.

Shuitou town is one of the biggest stone market all over the world, in the following years, there will meet a hard time, because most of the local material quarry will be closed, and most of the factory who produce the local material products has to closed.  During 2012, quarry of G635 granite material closed, all of the G635 factory closed,  2013, most of the G636, G681, G682 quarry closed, more than 200 factories in shuijing has to stop working, because there is no block to finish. In the coming 2014, if G602, G603, G654 quarry all closed, most of the factories who produce the local material has to stop.

We have get the information from our government, our G603 quarry need to stop exploit from now. even now we have lot of block stock, but if the quarry can not open, our factory has to stop working in 4 months.

At the beginning of 2013, we have think about this problem, and begin to produce some other granite products like sculpture, tombstone and so on, but the tile, kerbstone still take a big part in our business.

Now we need to be more professional, or we will meet big problem. we are trying to buy the quarry in other province, and not just sell the products, but also design, fix and other for our client.




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