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Gravestone industry in 2013

At the beginning of 2014, Fujian tombstone association make a survey at the tombstone and gravestone industry, following there are some detail information.

1. Industry scale is coming smaller and smaller
Since Oct 2010, there was about 800 factories who mainly produce the tombstone & gravestone, but today they only about 600 factories now, it decrease 25%. The industry scale is coming smaller and smaller.

2. The order quantity is coming smaller and smaller

Chinese tombstone & gravestone mainly produce to European and Japanese. Because the ecomonic is still in valley, so the order has decrease a lot, especially the European order. From Jan to 20th Dec 2012, the fumigated wooden box of tombstone is about 551802 crates in Hui’an which is the biggest tombstone & carving place in China, but during Jan to 20th Dec 2013, it only has 454209 crates. it has decreased about 17.68%.

3. Industry operation difficulties

Block cost, RMB exchange, worker salary and so on. Fujian Local government is trying to close the local stone quarry step by step, the price of the local material has increase a lot, G623, G614, AG98 and other material has increase a lot.

The RMB to USD exchange rate is from 6.289:1 to 6.038:1, it has change a lot

2013 is not a good time for all the stone industry. stone industry in Fujian is coming to end, the local goverment do not support, If there is no local block, the stone industry will disappear.

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