Jinjiang Jianfa stone factory

  • Our G654 quarry begin to working

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    Hi Friend,

    We buy one G654 quarry, now we are able to produce the G654 products at competitive price with good quality.

    We are able the produce the G654 thin tile, G654 tile, G654 step, G654 countertop and so on.

    Any demand of the G654 products, welcome to contact with me.

  • Hubei G603 factory will begin working next month

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    Hi Friend,

    Our Hubei factory will begin to work next month, The material include Hubei G603, China Juparana and so on.
    Products include the thin tile, tile, step, slab, countertop and so on.

    Any demand of the Hubei G603 products, welcome to contact with me.




  • G603 original still available

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    Hi friend,

    If you have any demand of the Original G603 products, welcome to contact with me.

    Now we still available to produce the thin tile, tile, step, slab and so on.

    Welcome the detail inquiry.

  • G603

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    Hi Friend,

    We still have many G603 block, and produce the G603 products at large quantity.

    Any inquiry of the G603 products, welcome here.

    Coshine stone


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    Xiamen Stone Fair 2014-International Stone Fair and International Tools and Machinery Fair, considered one of the main global events for the stone and machinery segment, will be held on the same date of March 6-9, 2014.

    This edition will offer you more elaboratively-selected samples. It is an opportunity for buyers and sellers of stone products and services from around the world to source an astounding array of the very latest technologies, innovations and techniques.

    More than an exhibition, the event provides attendees with unrivalled access to information, intelligence, contacts and experience. Experts from around the world engage in the industry’s most topical discussions, finding solutions, facing challenges and seizing opportunities.

    Be competitive, be positive, be with XIAMEN STONE FAIR 2014!

    Exhibition Time:
    March 6-8, 2014: 9:00am – 5:30pm
    March 9, 2014: 9:00am – 4:00pm
    Venue: Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center, Xiamen, China
    Admission: Trade visitors only
    Exhibit Range: Stone and Stone Machinery

    Our factory mainly produce the Grey granite products, can produce the thin tile, tile, step, slab, countertop and so on, any interested, welcome to visit our factory

  • Detail of Thin tile

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    Our factory has produce the Granite thin tile more than ten years. Following there are some detail information of thin tile:

    The Main market:  Germany, USA, African

    In Germany, Granite thin tile also call calibrated tile, It mainly sells at the Supermarket, and with the size 305*305*10mm and 305*610*10mm.  Quality demand: Surface polish over 85 degree, thickness tolerance: +/-0.5mm, Packing: carton box with wooden crate.

    In USA, the size and quality demand is same with German, but USA market like the colorful material like Kashmir Gold granite, Tan brown and so on.

    Africa country Algeria, Tunis also import large quantity of the Granite thin tile, Most of them can accept the thickness +/-2mm, but few of them also want +/-0.5mm, mainly import Chinese local granite like G603, G640, G664, G654 and so on.

    Informaiton of the Granite thin tile

    1) Finished: Polished, Honed, Flamed, Swan etc.

    2) Popular Thickness: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm,

    3) Popular Size:
    a)300x300mm or 12”x12”
    b)300*600mm or 12″x 24″
    c)400x400mm or 16”x16”
    d)400x600mm or 16″x24″
    e)457x457mm or 18”x18”
    f )600x600mm or 24”x24”

    4) Available material:
    G601, G602, G603, G633, G635, G640, G654, G664, G687, Tiger skin white, Tiger skin red, China Juaparana granite

    5) Package &Transportation: Strong Wooden Crates/Bundles & By Sea
    a)305x305x10mm 10pcs/carton, 40 carton/crate,37.21m2/crate,1.02ton/crate.
    b)400x400x10mm 6pcs/carton,40carton/crate,38.4m2/crate,1.05ton/crate
    c)305x610x10mm 6pcs/carton,32carton/crate,35.72m2/crate,0.98ton/crate
    d)400x600x10mm 6pcs/carton,32carton/crate,46.08m2/crate,1.27ton/crate

    6) Quality control:
    polished degree above 85 up, thickness tolerance +/-0.5mm, surface flatness: +/-0.3mm;
    color difference: control similar color, and pack separate with a little different color difference


  • Gravestone industry in 2013

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    At the beginning of 2014, Fujian tombstone association make a survey at the tombstone and gravestone industry, following there are some detail information.

    1. Industry scale is coming smaller and smaller
    Since Oct 2010, there was about 800 factories who mainly produce the tombstone & gravestone, but today they only about 600 factories now, it decrease 25%. The industry scale is coming smaller and smaller.

    2. The order quantity is coming smaller and smaller

    Chinese tombstone & gravestone mainly produce to European and Japanese. Because the ecomonic is still in valley, so the order has decrease a lot, especially the European order. From Jan to 20th Dec 2012, the fumigated wooden box of tombstone is about 551802 crates in Hui’an which is the biggest tombstone & carving place in China, but during Jan to 20th Dec 2013, it only has 454209 crates. it has decreased about 17.68%.

    3. Industry operation difficulties

    Block cost, RMB exchange, worker salary and so on. Fujian Local government is trying to close the local stone quarry step by step, the price of the local material has increase a lot, G623, G614, AG98 and other material has increase a lot.

    The RMB to USD exchange rate is from 6.289:1 to 6.038:1, it has change a lot

    2013 is not a good time for all the stone industry. stone industry in Fujian is coming to end, the local goverment do not support, If there is no local block, the stone industry will disappear.

  • Close the stone quarry to protect the environment

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    Due to the excess & non-plan exploit, the local environment has meet a big problem. Water,  air has been serious polluted. It is not a suitable for living. Quanzhou local government has more than five meeting per month to discuss this problem and try to find a good way to solve this problem.  But most of the idea are not effective. Because many people work on this area, if close all the factory, there will be no source of income.

    This June the finial decision of the stone industry is come out. Before 2015, all the quarries in Quanzhou city must be closed. Control at the material try to make the factory turning to other area.

    Shuitou town is one of the biggest stone market all over the world, in the following years, there will meet a hard time, because most of the local material quarry will be closed, and most of the factory who produce the local material products has to closed.  During 2012, quarry of G635 granite material closed, all of the G635 factory closed,  2013, most of the G636, G681, G682 quarry closed, more than 200 factories in shuijing has to stop working, because there is no block to finish. In the coming 2014, if G602, G603, G654 quarry all closed, most of the factories who produce the local material has to stop.

    We have get the information from our government, our G603 quarry need to stop exploit from now. even now we have lot of block stock, but if the quarry can not open, our factory has to stop working in 4 months.

    At the beginning of 2013, we have think about this problem, and begin to produce some other granite products like sculpture, tombstone and so on, but the tile, kerbstone still take a big part in our business.

    Now we need to be more professional, or we will meet big problem. we are trying to buy the quarry in other province, and not just sell the products, but also design, fix and other for our client.




  • Celebrate the official website on-line

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    Celebrate the official website on-line!

    This website is the official website of Xiamen Coshine Import & Export Co.,Ltd. It formally launched today!

    In this website, we will post our company’s products and news. We hope you know us through this Web site.   Read More »